Misseyer Accountancy is an accountancy- and tax consultancy office, early inventors of the “new style” accountancy, with the newest features and innovative solutions. We guarantee the reliability of a classic accountancy firm and improve it with efficiency and transparency.

The results:
- Saving costs on your administrative expenses 
- 24/7 access to your administration 
- An up to date administration, no late filings

Misseyer Accountancy has invested a lot in the newest technological developments and solutions. Your debit and credit invoices will be scanned en processed very fast. The information from it will be available in your own login environment within minutes. This environment can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days a week. We understand the modern society and the need to always have access on up to date administration and have insights into financial reports (e.g. profit and loss statements, difference between debtors en creditors) on which you can base your management decision taking.